Limitations to our USPTO Docketing Automation

Please note the following limitations to our docketing automation: 

Calculating Deadlines for Section 7 Post-Registration Actions. 

Deadlines for section 7 post-registration office actions are not automatically calculated. Because our software calculates deadlines based on a single status and because responses to non-section 7 post-registration office actions are required to maintain registration, we prioritize identifying deadlines for post-registration office actions relating to mark maintenance rather than amendments. However, you can add your section 7 post-registration office action deadlines manually, and these deadlines will act like other action items in your timeline and in your email digests.

Calculating Deadlines for Petition to Director Inquiry Letters

30-day deadlines resulting from Petition to Director Inquiry Letters are not automatically calculated. Calculating deadlines for these responses prevents us from presenting other mandatory prosecution deadlines. If you file a Petition to Director, please monitor the Report of Trademark Events in your docketing activity email or USPTO correspondence for any USPTO communication and then manually docket applicable deadlines.

Calculating Deadlines for Final Refusal Actions

Although some final refusals may have a six-month deadline, there is currently no meaningful way for our software to distinguish between these and final refusals with two-month deadlines. Out of an abundance of caution, select final refusals are shown as two-month deadlines even though they may have six-month deadlines. You may manually change a deadline or add a new one if you would prefer to see the six-month deadline.

Calculating Statements of Use Deadlines for Divided Trademarks.

When a trademark application is divided, the deadline calculations for its Statement of Use become complicated and dependent on other factors. As such, we cannot guarantee that these deadlines are correct. If you file a Request to Divide, monitor USPTO documentation carefully for any Statement of Use deadlines and docket them manually. 

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