Read-Only Access for Contacts

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Read-Only Access for Contacts

You have the option of giving your contacts read-only access to matters within Alt Legal. They would only have access to matters they're assigned to with the read-only access level, and they would not be able to interact with or edit the matters. Assigned contacts are also not able to view any assigned contacts/collaborators, notes, custom documents, or email templates available on a matter.

To give a client access to a mark, you first need to invite them to create an Alt Legal user account. Navigate to the Contact list on the left. Locate your preferred contact in the list, and hit View Details underneath their name.

In the User ID section, click the blue Invite link to invite your contact to make a user account within Alt Legal. Type in their email, and confirm that you'd like to invite them by hitting Send in the pop-up.

If the contact is not yet in Alt Legal, follow the steps listed here to add them.

Giving Contact Access to a Matter

To update a contact's access to a matter, first navigate to the matter within Alt Legal. On the matter's page, locate the Contacts & Collaborators side on the right.

If the contact is already assigned to the matter, hover over their name and click Options, and then Edit Access/Role. Switch their access level over to read-only, and hit Save.

If they are not assigned to the matter, click Assign new. Type the name of the contact you would like to assign, and select them from the dropdown. Switch their access to "Read-only," and give them a role. Once done, hit the save button to assign them.

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