Docketing Trademarks

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If you do not see your docket, click on the Firm Docket icon on the left to return to your firm's docket.

For information regarding Automatic USPTO docketing, please see this article.

Click the “Add Matter” button located on the right side of the screen and select "Trademark".

A window will open asking which jurisdiction the newly added trademark is in.

For trademarks registered with the USPTO, we can automatically import the mark's data from the USPTO's database. To use this feature, simply enter USPTO and then enter application number or registration number.

For international trademarks and U.S. state trademarks, you will need to enter matter details. 

To add a status to for filing, start typing the mark's status in the box. Our software will often suggest statuses that match. To use the suggestion, simply select the appropriate one.

Our sophisticated database has automatic deadline calculations for renewals in over 160 jurisdictions and will automatically calculate statutory deadlines based on your filing's status.

If the filing is in a jurisdiction not currently covered by our deadlines, you can click to add deadlines on the right. You can also supplement statutory deadlines with your own custom deadlines, tasks, and info dates.

You can also add notes to any filing by clicking on "Notes" and add documents and contacts and/or collaborators by clicking on those fields.

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