Docketing Custom Matter Types

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With Alt Legal, you can docket custom categories of matters. All created matter types will be shared within the entire firm/company account, and once created that custom matter type will be available just like any other matter type through the “Add Matter” button.

Custom Matters will contain the following fields/sections:

  1. Custom Matter Type
  2. Matter Title
  3. Jurisdiction
  4. Status
  5. Status Date
  6. (Internal Status)
  7. Application Number

  1. Application Date
  2. Docket Number
  3. File Reference Number
  4. Description
  5. Owner
  6. Tags
  7. Related Matters

Like other matter types, you can use our related matters section to link other matter types as well as upload documents, annotate the matter with notes, and add your custom entries to the timeline.

To create a custom matter type, simply click “+ Add Custom” in the “Add Matter” dropdown.

Adding a new matter from the dropdown

Title your Custom Matter Type:(e.g., Searches, Domains, Unfiled, or Entity Renewals):

entering name of new matter type

Clicking “Save and Create” will create a new blank matter of the type you entered in the field above. “Save and Close” will create the matter type, but it will not create any matters of that type.

After making a selection, this matter type will be available for selection from the Add Matter dropdown, and filterable just like any other matter type.

To remove a custom matter type, please contact or use our live chat.

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