Account Types and Access Levels

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There are two types of accounts in Alt Legal: 

  • Collaborators are internal to your organization. They tend to be attorneys, paralegals, or other stakeholders at your organization.
  • Contacts are external to your organization. They are usually clients, foreign counsel/agents, or your neighborhood pizza shop (always keep their contact info close by)

Contacts and Collaborators can be attached to any matter or form in your docket, and you can define their access levels per matter.

Potential Collaborator Access Levels:

There are three access levels for a collaborator:

  • Read-only - This is the lowest access level for collaborators. Matters and forms may be viewed but not edited, and users can create reports, exports, and send template emails.
  • Read & Edit -  In addition to the abilities above, Matters and Forms may be edited, but not deleted.
  • Read, Edit & Delete - The Collaborator can view, create, edit, and remove matters.

There is one more option available to Collaborators, and that is to be an “Administrator”. Administrators have full access to everything in the docket, regardless of assignment and access level, and can fully manipulate the Contacts, Collaborators, and Firm Information.

Potential Contact Access Levels:

There are only two access levels for collaborators, but there is one additional level if they are attached to forms.

  • No Access - The contact cannot see or interact with the matter.
  • Read-Only - The contact can see a limited amount of information about the matter.
  • Fill & Read - This is specific to Forms, and will allow the contact the ability to fill in fields on the assigned Form.

Here are the access levels again, separated by whether it’s a Matter or a Form:


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