Report Manager

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Alt Legal's Report Manager is designed to help you keep track of exports you've made. From this menu, you can rename and re-download any export you've made since April 27, 2022. This report list is populated automatically as you make exports in the software, and the name you give the report during export will show here.

You can find the Report Manager on the left side menu bar.

The Report Manager will show only those reports unique to your user, it will not show other users reports.

Editing a Report Name

To edit the name of any report, click the pencil icon to the right of the current title. This will update both the report's name in your list and the filename given during download.

Downloading a Report

To download any report listed in your Report Manager, just click the blue Download button to the right of the report name. This will provide you with an instant download of the report to your downloads folder.

Deleting a Report

You can delete any report you no longer need by selecting the delete button, and following confirmation the report will be permanently deleted. Any links to the file will no longer function, but any previously downloaded copies will be unaffected.

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