Email Automatic Tracking

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Alt Legal provides you with tools to automatically docket your filings based on your filed correspondent email address with the USPTO.

Admin-level users have access to a menu option called "Autotracking."

From here, admin users can add, remove, and assign things based on an email address rule. After entering the page, you'll see all your current autotracking rules and who gets assigned to them along with their corresponding access levels.

How USPTO autotracking works:

We will monitor the listed email address(es) or domains in the correspondent section for newly filed or amended trademarks. You must have an attorney of record listed on the application for us to identify these trademarks.

It can take 5 to 7 business days for the USPTO to add newly filed trademarks to their database. We will automatically add filings associated with these email addresses or domains within 24 hours of appearance in the TSDR. The newly added marks will be listed in your docketing activity email. Going forward, any updates to your US trademarks will typically appear in the docket after 24 hours.

Removing a rule does NOT remove any matters from your docket.
Adding a Rule

To Add a New Rule, click the "Add Rule" button in the top right:

Selecting  "Add Rule" will open a window where you can enter the email address you'd like tracked and the assignment rules.

The system will not allow you to track any email that is not currently being used on at least one mark with the USPTO.

Edit and Remove a Rule:

Once you've added a rule, you can always go back and edit it by hovering over the rule, selecting "Options," then clicking "Edit."

This Options menu is also how a rule gets removed. Removing a rule does NOT remove the corresponding matters from your docket; the email address will simply no longer be tracked, so new matters listing that email address will not be added to your docket.

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