Timeline Dates Filter

Updated by Sophia

The timeline dates filter allows you to filter your docket based on a specified interval of time. This filter gives you the option of filtering by either entry date, official due date, official start date, or official grace date. You can also specify whether you're searching for future or past due dates, or an exact time range.

To use this filter, first decide what type of due date you would like to filter by, and select it from the first drop-down menu.

Next, decide what time interval you would like to narrow your view down to, and select those options from the drop-down menus. For example, "Next 6 months" or "Last 30 days." You can use the "Exact" option to search for a specific date range. Once you've entered in the time range, click "Add" to apply this filter to your docket.

To remove only this filter, click the X next to the applied filter within this Filter box.

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