Jurisdiction Filter

Updated by Sophia

The Jurisdiction filter allows you to see all matters filed within a specific jurisdiction. This filter, like all filters, can be stacked allowing you to see any combination of jurisdictions.

Start typing the name of the jurisdiction’s country or acronym and the system will attempt to provide you with all jurisdictions matching your input. Simply select the one you were searching for from the list and the filter will be activated.

Additionally, if you aren't sure which IP Office/Jurisdiction you want, use the "Show only polities" checkbox, which will allow you to select the entire polity.

A "Polity" is a legally designated area in which Intellectual Property is protected, regardless of country. Each polity can contain multiple IP Offices.

When you’ve selected a Jurisdiction filter, it will appear beneath the text field, and indicate the Jurisdiction and the Office’s acronym, as well as what matter types that office handles.

To remove only this filter, click the X next to the applied filter within this Filter box.

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