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About Forms

You can use forms to help you prepare an application for a trademark with the USPTO. These forms can be partially or completely prepared by you, or they can be used collaboratively with your client or colleagues. These forms are intended to help you gather all of the information required to prepare a new application for a trademark. Our forms are responsive, so the questions that you or your contact will see on the form will vary based on the responses selected.  

Accessing the Forms

To access the forms in Alt Legal, click the "My Forms" button on the left-hand side.

Creating a New Form

Click the "Create Form" button in the top right corner, and select either the Trademark or Patent option. This will open a new tab with a blank form.

Simply fill out the information as necessary, and then add the contact that will need view or edit access to the form by clicking "Assign New". These contacts will receive email notifications granting them access to the form. If you don't want to send an email through Alt Legal, you're welcome to copy the available link in that same window.

You can also add additional collaborators within your own firm so they have access to view or modify the intake form, and so that they can receive notifications about updates to the intake.

Intakes will keep a history of changes to them, which you can view on the right hand side. It will automatically catalog a detailed explanation of changes made, including the type of change, the username, date, and time of the change.

At any time, you can set a custom status for the intake form. This field will not force an autocomplete with prepackaged statuses so you may use any language to describe the status that works for you! For example, you could set the status as “Ready for Client” or “On Hold Due to Client Request”.

The status will be reflected in the My Forms or Firm Forms docket page.

Previously created Intake forms can be located using the Identifier filter in the Filters Menu.

Introductory Message

You can use the Introductory Message section on your forms to build and save messages that you can send with each form. They will be the first thing that your contacts see when they login to complete the form. Instruct your client in your own way on how best to fill out the firm, what pitfalls to look out for, or to simply say hi!

You can either type a new message each time you create a form, or save a template to use on each of them.

For a new message, add whatever information you'd prefer to the Title and Message field.

To save the message for use on future template, click the "Add to templates" button. going forward, it will be available under the "Template Name" dropdown menu.

Contacts and Collaborators for Intake Forms


Collaborators in intake forms work exactly the same as matters, and when a new collaborator is added to an intake form it will appear in their “My Forms”. After adding a new collaborator to one form, they will become available in the autocomplete list for future intake forms.

Any collaborator assigned to the form can edit any portion of the form, as well as lock/unlock editing.


Contacts are how you will create user accounts for your clients to fill out the intake form. The Contact field will attempt to autocomplete from your current list of clients. It is not required that you select from this list, as entering a contact not currently in the list will let you generate a new contact. It will default to Fill and Read Access.

Access Level is where you can decide if the user has No Access, Read Only Access, or Fill and Read access. No Access won't send the email, and Read-Only is useful if you want them to review a form you've filled out.

A username will automatically be generated for the contact and the and the first page they see will let them set their own password.

By clicking "Send & Assign", Alt Legal will send an email that automatically fills in the blue (eg. [[ Contact Name ]]) items of the preview email.

All invites are sent from, but will show your name as the displayed name.

Re-sending an Invite

The system allows you to resend an invite to collaborate on a form. Simply hover over the assigned contact, click Options, then click Resend Invite. A window will appear that will let you make edits to the email and re-send their invitation.

Locking / Editing a Locked Form

At the top right of the form is the “View/Edit” mode, you can swap it to view only mode, and once swapped you can lock the form from being edited further. This is especially useful if you have granted access to a client to make edits, but no longer wish for them to do so.

To export any form into a PDF simply click “Export PDF” in the far top right of the form detail page.

To Delete a form, simply select "Delete" the bottom of the form itself.

We will send the email from our official account, so you may want to request that your contact whitelist that address.

Using the TEAS Toolbar Extension

Click TEAS Extension Toolbar (Chrome) or TEAS Extension Toolbar (Edge) to learn more about using the TEAS Toolbar Extension.

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