Docketing Patents

Updated by Sophia

To docket a patent, click the "Add Matter" button and select "Patent" from the list.

This will bring up a blank detailed patent record that you can populate with information about the filing. 

To have patent deadlines automatically calculated, select the IP office, input the application and issue dates (if applicable), and select the status of the filing. As you start typing a few characters in the status box, we will try to predict the applicable status. Type in the status name or click on the correct status.

NOTE: This feature is currently limited to select USPTO patent statuses.

You can also add a status date for the status change. 

If you’ve selected one of the "smart statuses" provided, we will determine the deadlines for the filing or prompt you for additional information. Click HERE for a list of current USPTO smart statuses. Please confirm that the deadline is correct before proceeding. You can also attach tasks related to the deadline by clicking "Add new task."

For all docketed items, you can add your own deadlines and tasks beyond the ones determined by our software. These deadlines and tasks will appear in your weekly or daily docketing emails.

For all docketed items, you can also add contacts and collaborators to the record and determine their access levels.

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