Export Fields for Trademarks

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The text of your deadlines and tasks

Due Date

The date the action is due

End of Grace Period

The end of a renewal grace period

Start Date

The first date available to file a renewal

Trademark Specific Fields (alphabetically)


The listed agent of Canadian trademarks

Allowance Date

The Notice of Allowance date for USPTO Trademarks

Application #

The serial/application/filing number for the matter

Application Date/Filing Date

The serial/application/filing date for the matter


The listed claims on Canadian trademarks

Class/Classification Descriptions

The descriptions of the Goods/Services of a trademark

Class/Classification Numbers

The Nice classes of the Goods/Services of a trademark

Collaborators (All)

The listed Collaborators on a given matter

Contacts (All)

The listed Contacts on a given matter

Date Type

Whether the Due Date/Action combination is a Task or a Deadline

Docket #

The current docket number of a given matter

Docket Title

The title of a matter - Usually the literal element of trademarks, but is able to be altered by users, and is often the name of a patent, copyright or dispute


The image associated with a trademark or patent

Expiration Date

The expiration date on a trademark, also known as the renewal date

File Reference #

A usable field on most matters, can be used as a client reference number, or an agent reference number

IP Office

The jurisdiction of a matter

Last Renewal Date

The date the trademark was last renewed

Matter Type

The type of matter in Alt Legal - Patent, Trademark, Copyright, etc.


The notes on the matter

Owners (All)

The total list of owners for a trademark

Owners (Current)

Just the current owner of a trademark

Publication #

The number granted to a trademark on publication

Publication Date

The date the trademark was published


The recordals associated with a Canadian trademark

Registration #

The number given to a trademark upon becoming registered

Registration Date/Issue Date

The date the trademark was officially registered


The current status of the matter (i.e. Registered, Office Action Issued, Pending, etc)

Status Date

The date of the current status


The custom tags currently on a matter

Title/Literal Element

The literal element of a trademark but if no literal element is present such as on a patent, it will display the title of the matter.

TSDR Docket #

The docket number associated with the trademark filing at the USPTO


The type of trademark (Standard Character Mark, Logotype, Logomark, etc)

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