Adding Your Calendar to Google Calendar

Updated by Sophia

To add your Alt Legal calendar to your Google Calendar, you will need to subscribe to it. Downloading the calendar file will not allow it to be automatically updated even if changes are made.
  1. Sign in to Google Calendar
  2. On the left side of the website you should see an option to add a calendar. Click the three dots next to add calendar:
  3. In the resulting menu, select "From URL"
  4. Then input the link provided to you by Alt Legal, and select add Calendar.
Your URL link is found in the Settings page on the left side menu. Every link is user specific.

Your Alt Legal calendar should now be available in your list of Calendars. We recommend changing the name to Alt Legal.

Please note that syncing your Alt Legal calendar will only show task and deadline dates occurring within the next three years. Dates will automatically sync once they're within a two year period.

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