Email Templates

Alt Legal provide the user with the ability to generate email templates populated based on the status of a trademark.

We can also upload custom templates to your firm's docket. All we need is the wording, with spaces for the things you'd like populated by our software, and which status they should be associated with. You can send those to

All Custom Templates are in Plain Text, meaning they cannot have any bolding, italics, underlines or font size changes.

In the details of any trademark, you should notice a section titled "Templates"

After clicking open the Templates section, you should then see all templates that are active for this matter. Take special notice of the "Status Associated" statement.

The templates are based on the status of the matter, for example if the status of your trademark is an Office Action related status, you'll see a template for an Office Action Received. 

Hovering over a particular template with your mouse will allow you to click view. This will open a window containing the populated template.

From here you have several options:

  • You can make edits to the Subject, Recipient(s) or Body of the email, as well as add CC and BCC email address.
  • You can Copy the body of the email to your clipboard.
  • You can click Send - This will open the email in your email handler (Gmail/Outlook/Apple Mail) where you can continue to make edits, add attachments, and finally send the email.

Sending from your email handler does not send from Alt Legal. It will be in your sent email, and all responses will go to you and not to Alt Legal.

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