Relating Matters

The Alt Legal system provides a way to "link" matters together. This can be used for relating an opposition to a particular trademark or for relating a designated country trademark to a WIPO mark.

In the Details of a Matter (Edit View), you should see a section entitled "Related Matters". Select Add Related Matter:

This will open a series of fields.

  • Select what type of matter you are relating
  • Input the related filing's Application Number, Registration Number, or Proceeding Number (oppositions only)
  • Enter a Custom Relationship
  • Enter the Jurisdiction

Relationship is a custom text field, meaning that you can enter any type of relationship there, then click "Assign Custom Relationship" from the dropdown. Common uses are "Designated Country" or "Opposition to Matter."

Then after entering all the relevant information, click Save.

A corresponding section in the related Matter will appear, allowing for identifying and quickly swapping between the related matters.

There is no limit to the number of related matters you can have, and all entries can be edited once they are added.

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