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Alt Legal will automatically provide you with email reports that include updates to your USPTO trademarks as well as your upcoming due dates for all docketed matters. 

Changing the Frequency and Adding CC's

To change the frequency of your email reports (or to turn them off completely), navigate to your user settings using the "Gear" Icon on the left side menu.

Under "Email Notifications" select "Edit":

Set the days you wish to receive the email docket, or add any CC recipients you want to receive the same email you do.

There is currently no option for monthly.

Anatomy of the Email

These reports are based on the matters for which you are listed as a collaborator.

If you or a member of your organization is not receiving the daily email reports despite changing their notification preferences, please contact us.

By default, these daily emails are divided into several sections, with each section only appearing if there is something to report.

  1. Trademark Data Review
  2. USPTO Newly Added Marks
  3. USPTO Trademark Events
  4. Trademark Entries
  5. Dispute Entries
  6. Patent Entries
  7. Copyright Entries
  8. License Entries
  9. [Custom Matter Type] Entries
Custom Matter types will display the name you gave them in the docket.

You can see a sample email with a couple of sections below, with arrows indicating the table of contents and the Trademark Entries section.

The anatomy and formatting of your email is customizable. We can add data, remove data, or re-arrange the sections to suit your needs. We can also change the format of your email to a table rather than a list. You can find more information about our customization options here.

Trademark Data Review

This section includes matters that have been connected through our third-party data service for non-USPTO and non-CIPO trademarks. If you see a mark appear in this section, it means that a field has been identified as having new/different information available. You can click the "Details" link next to each mark to navigate to the docket and identify which fields are waiting for you to accept or reject.

More information regarding our international data sync can be found using this link.

USPTO Newly Added Marks

This section includes all newly added trademarks based on your auto-tracking rules. As a reminder, auto-tracking rules will add marks to your docket based on specific matches of the correspondent email address. 

USPTO Trademark Events

A trademark event is any change to a docketed USPTO mark. For example, if a trademark is assigned to an examiner, our daily emails will alert you of the change. This can be used to update your clients as well as prepare timely letters of protests. 

Many of our customers will also use this feature to spot-check the updates to their trademarks and confirm the newly added or removed docketed deadlines.

Matter Type Entries

For each docketed matter type, we will include the timeline entries for each. The section for each matter type is first sorted chronologically by entries associated with them.

Range of Upcoming Entries and Past Due Entries

By default, the daily docketing email will show due dates occurring in the next 45 days.

The daily docketing email will also show tasks that are upcoming within the next 45 days. We can change this setting upon request to increase or decrease the range, or we can add additional notification intervals.

By default, the daily docketing email will also show past due tasks for 1 day after the due date. It will show deadlines without tasks until they are inactivated in the docket. Past due entries are visible by logging into Alt Legal's docketing page, but will not be visible in the emails after 1 day.

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